Stress Busting Secrets


Have you experienced a lack of good sleep, weak immune system, chronic pain, inflammation, or fatigue? These are common effects of chronic stress. The solution to stress-related problems, begins with this "live-online" seminar. You will learn integrative, hands-on techniques to shift yourself and others out of sympathetic dominance (fight or flight), as well as how to use breathing and movement…

Training Your Touch 2: Following the Fascia

Central Florida School of Massage Therapy 450 N Lakemont Avenue, Suite A, Winter Park , FL, United States

THIS CLASS WILL BE RESCHEDULED FOR A LATER DATE. Are you ready for the next step in refining your skills?¬†After a quick overview of¬†Training Your Touch: Advanced Palpation Skills (Which is NOT a prerequisite for this class), we will practice palpating and assessing physiological movement in the body. Then we begin evaluating the fascial network at various movement centers to…


The Polarity Connection

Great Lakes Institute of Technology 5100 Peach Street, Erie, PA, United States

This is an experiential introduction to the role of Polarity Therapy in clinical massage practice. Massage therapists will learn how to develop a more wholistic perspective, increase therapeutic effectiveness with less effort, and offer a uniquely powerful, hands-on session to clients. We will also discuss the history of energy medicine as it pertains to modern bodywork. Non-professionals can learn skills…


The Craniosacral Connection

Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy 3600 Laketon Road, Pittsburgh, PA, United States

The Craniosacral Connection is a mix of lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice designed to teach you the benefits of craniosacral therapy along with the power of mindful palpation. We focus on integration of craniosacral techniques into massage therapy practice. In this class, you will develop and/or refine your light-touch palpation skills by learning how to palpate and evaluate the craniosacral…

Randall W. Gibson is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. (Provider #325713-00)