Following are some testimonials, evaluations and reviews from people who have taken one or more of our continuing education activities. Our seminars are a blend of lecture, discussion and hands-on practice with a focus on practical application. Register today!

Craniosacral Therapy

In seventeen years of practice and continuing ed., I have never felt like I learned more and could go away practicing what I had learned.
Candyce Steigerwald, PT
I just wanted to thank you for the excellent workshop presentation this weekend. I truly learned so much in those two days. Your way of presenting the material is a wonderful blend of knowledge and humor.
Deborah Thackrah
A wonderful, practical, healing program. I feel transformed and empowered.
Linda Schiller-Hanna
I want to thank you very much for recommending that I take Introduction to CST prior to taking the Upledger Institute’s CS1 course. Your class was excellent preparation and it gave me a solid foundation for the intensive instruction in the CS1 seminar…
Karen Cox

Polarity Therapy

Integrative Energy Bodywork

There is rarely a massage session now that does not include at least a cursory nod to polarity… Thank you Randall, your classes are proving invaluable!
Ken McDonald, LMT
I’m amazed at how much polarity therapy has helped my massage practice! Treating common problems like shin splints using polarity contacts and reflexes, the tissues release much faster than with massage alone. I feel more grounded as a therapist.
Jeff Zayda, LMT


After completing the two-day seminar, I am so excited that I can start using these principles and techniques on Monday morning with my patients. I believe polarity energy work will add a whole new dimension to my work and will treat the whole person, not just a body part.
Darlene Noble, PT
Excellent! Would highly recommend!
DeeAnn Steiner, LMT
I think this is a fabulous course. I learned more than expected. Thanks!
Laura Easterling, LMT

Exploring Energy

Very positive learning experience. A definitive enhancement to my work, on all levels.
Sunday Homitz, PT
I enjoyed Randall’s teaching methods. Easy to understand and apply.
Mary Walton
Taking this class makes me want to delve more deeply into learning more about polarity and the chakras.
Pamela Hartlieb, LMT

Unlocking the Breath

For my first CE class, I couldn’t be happier. I hope for more classes like this in the future.
Jennifer DeFreese, LMT
Unlocking the Breath with Randall Gibson gave me insight into how powerful subtle work can be. I plan on incorporating it into my practice as soon as I get back to work on Monday.
Angela Defendini, LMT


Randall helped me to better understand how subtle movements/manipulations can affect the structural and energetic balance of the body.
Tracy Sutphen, LMT

Polarity Reflexology

Great balance of hands on / lecture. I enjoyed this class a lot. One of my favorite CEU classes ever.
Steven Youchison, LMT
I loved this weekend, thank you Randall! I learned so much about energy. I will apply what I learned on patients / clients and on myself.
Carolina Martinez, LMT
I came with prior knowledge of the subject matter but was never able to ‘unravel’ it. Randall presented through lecture, demo and practice. His skill in making the information accessible worked. I now feel able to incorporate the information in my practice.
Bonnie Carter, LMT

Touch For Health

Touch for Health Kinesiology – Level 1

Thank you, Randall! It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot. Your instruction was very thorough and I enjoyed your humor and teaching style.
Sandy Heffernan, LMT
CEU’s are usually boring. He is lively and awesome. It was by far the best CEU class ever!!
Angela Pollak, LMT
I would recommend this course to others (especially other P.T.s). Very useful, practical techniques.
Darlene Noble, PT
Already have in mind at least three clients. I can use this technique to make a difference.
Patricia Flanagan, LMT


Great Fun! Learning was easy!
Sheila Hage, LMT
Thanks so much for a class well done. I have used TFH every single day since I had class!
Tracy Gardner
Randall did a wonderful job, very easy to learn from.
Casey Walker, LMT
I really appreciated your class. All of the information really opened my eyes to energy work.
Jason Hinze

Touch for Health Kinesiology – Level 2

Really solidified the info from TFH1
Casey Walker, LMT
Instructor had good organization and pace of material presentation.
Lee Willman


Every time you thought you had all the info, here comes one more component.
Billy Ziganti, LMT

The Meridian Connection

The Meridian Connection – Level 1

I signed up for this class to gain a little knowledge about the meridians. I am leaving a whole new therapist, a whole new person!
Kim Shubert, LMT
I will definitely incorporate the techniques into my massage practice. I have been a massage therapist for 20 yrs. and I don’t find too many things that I am willing to add to my protocol. This is one!
Lisa Milchak, LMT
You are great! You define an Educator.
Ariajo Cobb-Tate
I was very pleased with the meridian seminar. I left the class feeling energized and inspired to take the new information and apply it to my life as well as my practice. Thank You.
Nicole Bradley, LMT
Will be able to use immediately on patients and myself. Fun, informative, useful information.
Marcia Vahila, LMT
Randall Gibson is a compassionate and supportive guide for us as professional healers of all types. The environment was very healing and he created a very safe, conducive environment for our learning experience.
Jeff Zayda, LMT
This class is perfect for taking the mystery out of the meridians.
Ellen Homeister, RN, BSN
I learned some very simple and practical techniques which can be used on myself or in a professional setting.
Paula Kasapis, LMT

The Meridian Connection – Level 2

Once again I have thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience in a fun and supportive environment. Randall’s classes are always so informative and enjoyable!
Faye Asser
I think today was perfect. Great job!
Tye Habyan
Randall presents information well and is very approachable.
Nancy Heimlich, LMT

Integrative Massage Therapy

I would very much recommend this seminar, especially to anyone who wants a taste of how much can be done with massage.
Justyn Perkinson


I enjoyed the class. No improvement is necessary in my opinion.
Ewa Perkinson
The class was very helpful, scientific. I was very impressed with the material.
Jane Smith, LMT
Randall W. Gibson is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. (Provider #325713-00)